Welcome To Novekia

Welcome to my new blog. 

It’s been a few months since I decided to close to doors on To Dream, To Love, To Live, but I missed having a blog so much that I decided to get one up and running again. I needed a place to share my thoughts, my photos and my life.

I decided to close down To Dream, To Love, To Live for a few reasons. The first was that there was so much mix-matched content from years ago. The photo quality was terrible, I didn’t dress that way anymore and I’d grown so much in my writing style. There was too much to go back and fix and I always felt overwhelmed.

The second reason was the cost of hosting. It was super expensive to host my blog and each year, I wasn’t seeing any return for the cost. It was also priced in American dollars and the exchange rate between USD and AUD is not fantastic, so I was always paying more.

The third reason is a combination of the above two. I was didn’t feel like my blog was me. It was very much based on reviewing beauty products and you can’t always afford to keep buying new things. My writing sounded very hollow and I really just couldn’t be bothered. I also hated the name I chose, but I’d already changed it once, so I didn’t feel I could do it again.

I needed to start fresh.

So here I am. Novekia is a piece of my world. My world is now a whole lot different than it was when I started blogging. I have a full-time job, I’ve finished university and I’m married. I still love fashion and beauty and I’m not so obsessed with celebrity culture (though I do love to critique a red carpet). I love to travel, but don’t do so that often (because of that aforementioned full-time job) and I have become a Christian.

Life is pretty great.

Welcome to my part of town.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Novekia and get a little lost in my slice of the world. If you want to make some return trips, don’t forget to follow me so you know what’s going on.



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