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Junk Foodie

Honestly, why is there peanut butter in everything?

Hello my loves!

Today is Saturday and usually with the weekend comes a craving for something a little sweet. Unfortunately, this week had a few little sweets so I’m holding back a bit. Kidding, just ate some cake.

One thing that I found so fascinating in the USA was the food. It was so different to the food that we have here in Australia. There were so many snack options, the food servings were huge and you could even order cheese on apple pie.

I’m super excited to be planning a trip to the USA for next year, but until then, I’ve had to satisfy my craving by trying out a few bits of candy from the USA with the help of my husband.

We spent around $30 buying 9 different candy items that we decided to try on camera. And there was a lot of peanut butter. Why do y’all love peanut butter so much?

We spent a whole afternoon trying out Mega Loads, Reese’s Pieces, cinnamon flavoured Mentos and of course, Twinkies. See what we loved and what we hated in the video below.

We picked out some pretty standard stuff here. There were peanut butter cups and that brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart (yum!), but I want to know what you think the best candy is and we’ll see if we can find it here and give it a try!

What do you guys think of these candies? Could we have picked better? Let me know in the comments!

We’ll be doing a round two in about a month’s time to coincide with my birthday, so I would love to pick out some things that you guys have suggested.



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