Say It Louder // Statement Lips

Say it loud and say it proud – or just let your lipstick do all the talking.

What is up, you guys? Today I am talking about letting my lipstick do all the talking with a pair of statement lips. Inspired by Mecca Maxima’s Lips Go Boom campaign, I decided to play around with some products that I already had in my beauty bag to achieve maximum attention lip looks.

I decided it wasn’t worth buying extra products that I might not use again and I wanted to see if what a normal person (me) has in their beauty bag could create these Insta-worthy lips.

I just want to place emphasis on the fact that I used products that I already owned and in doing that, discovered that my glitter glue was no longer useable. The glitters and shimmers on my lips are not suitable if you plan to eat or drink. You should definitely use a glitter glue for longevity unless you think your eyeshadows taste great.

Some of the links below may be affiliate links which means that I receive commission if you make a purchase from the link.

Bronzed in the nude

This lip look was my favourite of the bunch. I found that it was very subtle – you had to look closely to see that I had added a shimmery shadow to my top tip. I used a satin finish MAC lipstick called Fleshpot for the nude-pink and patted the Napeleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust in Starlight (which is no longer available). Starlight is a shimmer bronze and added a very inconspicuous effect to the lip look. This is something that I would probably test out at work on a Friday.

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Purple Unicorn

This look is exactly the same as above except I used a glitter instead of a metallic eyeshadow. I used a Maybelline lipstick from the Colour Sensational Rebel Bloom range called Lilac Flush and patted another Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust over the top. This loose eye dust was a glitter called Disco Glitter which is no longer available. The look would have had much more of a pop if the lipstick wasn’t so sheer and if I had have used a glitter glue.

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Vamp Ring

For this lip look, I took inspiration not only from the flyer from Mecca Maxima, but also Kim Kardashian who has recently been rocking a fake lip ring in the middle of her lower lip. I didn’t have a gold or silver liquid liner in my beauty bag, but I did have a pink one. I used a MAC lipstick called Really Me as a bottom layer for the look and then used my finger to add Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe over the top. This gave me the grey colour that I was after. Then I used my Urban Decay Razor Sharp liquid eyeliner in Fireball to draw a lip ring in the middle of my lip.

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Barbie Ring

This look was exactly the same as the above except I used the MAC lipstick in Fleshpot for my base. It created a very different look with the same design. The Fleshpot lipstick was a lot harder to draw the eyeliner on because of its Satin finish.

Statement Lips, lipstick, makeup, fun makeup, beauty, beauty blog, beauty blogger, fake lip ring, pink lip ring

Love Ombre

I’ve never tried an ombre lip before, so I took this as my opportunity to give it a go. I followed the Mecca Maxima flyer and used a bright red, a bright pink and a flesh pink to create this look. The bright red and bright pink were Light It Up and Fuschia Desire Maybelline Colour Dramafrom the collection and the flesh pink was, again, MAC’s Fleshpot. I’ve never used Fleshpot so much in my life! Watch the video below for the application of this look.

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Mermaid Lips

There was no mermaid look lips in the flyer, but I love some blue lips. I don’t own a blue lipstick, but I created one from another Napoleon Perdis Loose Eyeshadow Dust called The Life Aquatic. Unfortunately, it was at this moment that I realised that I don’t own any lipgloss, so I had to use a lip balm to create a sticky surface to add the shimmery eyeshadow. Once this was on, I used a Chi Chi glitter eyeliner to enhance my top lip. This look didn’t turn out as well as it could have because I didn’t have any gloss or glue to really get the opaque colour I was after with the eyeshadow. Still, mermaid life is real.

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These lip looks were a lot of fun to create. It’s great to play with the makeup that you already have to see the different styles that you can create without having to spend more.

What is your favourite statement lip look to paint on?



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