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Beach Break // 48 Hours in Terrigal

When the chance to go to a sleepy, beach town for work comes up, you take it!I was super lucky to score a conference in the beautiful, beachy town of Terrigal on the Central Coast. It’s not often that you get to go away for two nights to learn about your job, so I couldn’t say no.

Terrigal has such fond memories of my teenage years. Every schools holidays, I would travel to The Entrance with my best friend and we would stay with her grandma. We would sometimes head down to Terrigal and I hold those memories close.

Winter has been extremely kind to us this year with endless high, blue skies and sunny days, making the chance for a short road trip one not to pass up.

Terrigal is approximately two hours north of where I live in the suburbs of Sydney. It’s a relatively small town with a main street that boasts cute coffee shops, fish and chips and a few clothes shops. The main street is also home to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, of which I was lucky enough to stay at.

The Crowne Plaza has that blush coloured facade that screams royalty. The first thing you see when you enter is the winding internal stair case that only goes as far as level two. As someone who likes to keep fit, an internal staircase is perfect for burning a few extra calories when I know I’m going to be going mental at the hotel breakfast buffet.

Our room was a great size, with a large bathroom and a small courtyard balcony which lead to the main level two courtyard. Our room didn’t have direct views of the ocean, but stepping out into the main courtyard at sunset or sunrise (or at any time, really) gave us fantastic beach views.

I didn’t have a lot of spare time to look around, because it was a work trip, so I made the most of my first night there by trying out the satay chicken at the Thaiger Temple, which was absolutely delicious. The restaurant-cum-bar was super trendy with an extensive menu full of Thai classics and innovative dishes.

In the mornings, we hit the hotel gym, which was one of the best I’ve been to, with three separate rooms available to use (cardio, weights and stretch) and went walking along the beach and atop the cliffs. The sunrises and sunsets in Terrigal were simply stunning and I’m so glad that I had the chance to slow down for a few days and experience this beachy town.



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