Well, what do you want to know?

I’m a 20-something gal from the sunny streets of Sydney, Australia. I love writing down my quirky thoughts and witty quips in the hopes of turning it into a career one day. I have too many shoes and my beauty bag is overflowing, but the things that you love should, right?

I’m married to an incredible specimen, I love my day job and I tend to excel at random geography trivia (if I do say so myself). I hit the gym everyday and try to eat healthy, but hot chocolates and fries have a tendency to creep into my diet. I regularly play board games, read books and go to church.

Think of my blog as an extension of me – just a regular girl who could easily be your best friend. I’m not a model or a girl boss, just your average chick sharing the things that she loves most in life.

Now tell me about you…